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Squelch Sparkly Welly Boots
  • Squelch Sparkly Welly Boots

    £20.00 Regular Price
    £15.00Sale Price

    Squelch childrens wellies are see-through, you can create lots of different looks just by changing the welly socks - not the wellies. These particular ones are full of sparkle.. great to brighen up any rainy day!


    Children do love their wellies. They mean freedom. Jumping in puddles, squelching along the shore. But as they grow, kids get to want fresh looks. School might require different children’s wellies from home. And when wellies get too small, little brother might not care for unicorn design which big sister handed down.


    Happily, the answer is beautifully simple, great fun and great value. The Squelch Wellies concept is to team up one pair of transparent Squelch boots with your choice from our brilliant range of Squelch welly socks – as many as you like.


    That means by ringing the changes with, say, three pairs of socks, one pair of children's wellies can be three times as much fun. By creating their own unique styles, kids will be delighted with their Squelch Wellies, whenever they’re out and about, wherever the day’s adventure takes them.

    Squelch Children's  Wellies


    Clearly better Squelch Children's Welly boots are constructed to our unique specification in transparent, durable but flexible PVC. With a wide top, they’re easy to pull on. The tough rubber sole is purple to appeal both to girls and boys, and the deep tread has a sure grip. Unlike ordinary children’s wellies, there is no lining which can take days to dry once they get soaked. Just wipe our wellies inside with a towel, and they’re ready for action again.


    Enduring Value You’ll find the Squelch Wellies brand is competitively priced compared with average children’s wellies on the market. The boots are £16 and the socks are £3.75 a pair.  But the value doesn’t end with the price. With sock designs ranging from go-anywhere farm animals to eye-popping monsters and aliens, one pair of boots becomes equally at home in the school playground or at a Halloween party.


    Unlimited Looks Your youngsters are sure to stand out, because the looks of our welly sock are totally original, created by the team of Squelch Wellies founder Amanda and specialist sock designer Jenny. The ever changing choice of 40 or more designs comes in three ranges: Tots aged 1-2 years and Minis aged 3-6. So a single pair of durable boots can be passed down to a younger family member, and always look right with an age and gender appropriate choice of welly socks in a comfy cotton-rich, hard-wearing polyamide and stretchy elastane blend.


    Sustainable Gift Your Squelch Wellies will arrive in a pouch made of recycled, waterproof material. More sustainable than a box, it’s easily packable in a case for a trip or hung on a nursery peg. A Christmas and birthday favourite present with grandparents, no wonder the classy-looking package won Gift of the Year and Gift of the Year for Children Awards in 2020. Ordinary children’s wellies don’t come close.


    Squelch Wellies are generous fitting to allow for the thick welly socks. Please use the size guide to ensure you order the correct size. Please note dimensions are for boot size, not foot size.

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